Hello, We Are Vidyastu

What is Vidyastu ?

Vidyastu is an online learning platform based in West Bengal, India, offering a variety of courses aimed at boosting career skills. Their curriculum includes subjects like data science, web development, IT fundamentals, and more. The platform emphasizes interactive, real-life project applications and provides both free and paid courses. They provide a structured curriculum taught by experienced trainers and offer placement support, lifetime access to course materials, and MSME-registered certificates.

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

"Dear students, at Vidyastu, we believe in empowering minds and shaping futures. Together, let's achieve success through dedication and continuous learning. Your journey to excellence starts here!"
--- Nirmalya Sengupta

What do we do?

At Vidyastu, we are dedicated to empowering your career through high-quality, interactive online courses. Our curriculum covers data science, web development, IT fundamentals, and more, ensuring you gain practical, real-world skills. Our experienced trainers provide personalized support, while our lifetime access to course materials and MSME-registered certificates enhance your learning journey. We also offer robust placement support to help you achieve your career goals. Join our community and take the next step towards success with Vidyastu.

Meet our leadership

Our team is comprised of passionate individuals with a wide range of expertise. We bring a unique blend of skills and experience to the table. This allows us to tackle challenges creatively and collaboratively, delivering exceptional results for our students.

  • Avik Sarkar


  • Molly Rajbanshi


  • Pritha Paul

    Team Leader

  • Diya Dey


  • Prerona Goswami

    Placement Officer

  • Priyam Sengupta


  • Tushar De